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Can we filter Inventory Avails by targeting parameters like DMA, Mobile, etc?
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00380 Views: 2682 Created: 2012-07-26 15:35 0 Rating/ Voters

 Yes!  Users can run the Avails report on any group of a host of targeting criteria including DMA's, Devices, Country codes and custom codes.  To do so just follow these steps:

       1.     Click the Campaign Manager link at the top of the screen
2.     Switch to the Reports & Tools tab
3.     Click the Inventory Availability Report link
4.     Select the desired stations from the list
5.     Choose the Traffic Type
6.     Set the needed date range
7.     Click the Magnifying Glass icon in the Filter by DMA line. 
8.     Then, from the targeting Codes pop-up screen, choose the proper type of criteria needed and select as many items from that category as are needed and click Select. 
9.     Click the Continue button on the Avails parameters set-up screen

The resulting Avails Report will reflect only inventory associated with the specifically defined parameters.




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