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Contenting Impressions
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00379 Views: 3739 Created: 2012-07-26 14:04 0 Rating/ Voters

Users can see which campaigns are competing and for how much inventory those campaigns are competing by enabling the Contending Impressions variable of the inventory Availability Report.

If users opt to enable Contenting Impressions by checking the proper selection box, then once the Avails Report loads, users will be able to see how much inventory is already allocated and how much is remaining.  And, if they expand the Campaigns Running in Report Date Range section of the screen, there will be a column that details how many impressions each campaign will “take” during the date range the Avails report was run on.  This Contending Impressions column will allow users to gauge which campaigns are taking the most impressions in the specified date range so that they can make any needed adjustments which will allow new campaigns a better chance of clearing.


To view contending Impressions follow these steps:


1.       Access the Campaign manager

2.       Click the Reports & Tools tab

3.       Locate the Inventory Availability link in the bottom section of the screen and click it

4.       Choose the needed station or stations

5.       Set the Traffic Type

6.       Define the needed date range

7.       Check the Contending Impressions box

8.       Click Continue


Once the Avails Report screen loads, simply click the Campaigns running in these dates link and look for the Contending Impressions column.  The number listed for each campaign is the number of impressions that are projected to be delivered to each campaign in the set time frame.  Users can then see which campaigns are “taking up” the most amount of inventory in a given time frame.


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