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What is the sell-out inventory number for :30?s and :60?s
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00280 Views: 3915 Created: 2010-12-21 08:55 0 Rating/ Voters

Essentially the station is duplicating its on air inventory.  So basically, the same number of spots will play on-line as they do on air.

There is an Inventory Avails report which can be run to ascertain a projection of potential Impressions available over a given time future time-frame.  To access it simply log into your account, click the Campaign Manager link at the top of the screen and then click the Reports & Tools tab.  In the second section of the reports tab there will be a link for Inventory Avails report.  Just click it and enter the needed criteria.  Make sure to use only the High and Urgent priorities only - since these are the two levels that get used for paid campaigns.

Once Generate is clicked, the system will return a full report of how many Impressions are available and how many have been scheduled by Station Level users, market level users, corporate level users and 3rd Party traffickers (ad agencies and the Ando Ad Ops team).  Keep in mind that the system calculates on Impressions (number of times a spot is "heard" rather than Spots, number if times creative physically plays) because the system is reacting to the automation system data - essentially meaning that the system doesn't know that stop sets are going to occur until they actually occur.

Since the system can't predict when stop sets will play or how long they will be when they play (not knowing when they will happen), it uses the last 45 days AQH and total time played to figure out how many Impressions will be potentially available for up to 6 months in the future.

This report also already takes into account how much inventory is already scheduled as well.

Since a Spot number is needed rather than an Impression number, take the Remaining Impressions for each station and run an Impressions to Spots calculation by using the Impressions to Spots Calculator in the Reports & Tools Tab.

Entering the Remaining Impressions as the number of requested impressions and setting the campaign length to the same number of days that the Avails report was run on will allow the system to convert the potential impressions number into an analogous potential spots number.

Keep in mind that at this time, the Avails Report is only accurate up to 6 months out from today.  We are currently tweaking that formula to make it accurate for up to a year, but at this time, only 6 months is accurate.

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