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There is Silence in my Blackout, why?
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00369 Views: 1943 Created: 2012-05-07 09:14 0 Rating/ Voters

Many stations want to crete a looping message to play when they have to blackout their streams from playing any on air content.  The Injector is hard coded with an imposed 15 minute cap on all content.  So, most likely there is less than 15 minutes of available cover in the Streaem Down family.  To correct this, simply add at least 15 minutes of cover content to inventory.

As a rule of thumb, all stations should always have at least 15 minutes of content in inventory in every ad family and every available category selected in the station template.

Having 15 minutes of cover in all families and all categories will ensure that there is always enough content to play through the 15 minute imposed repition cap.  Remember, 15 minutes of time is the bare minimum.  The more content entered the better.

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