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Adding Block Cover Programming
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00307 Views: 3309 Created: 2011-03-15 18:32 0 Rating/ Voters

Some stations run block programming on air over the weekends.  Many times the station will sell inclusion in the on-line time frame as an addition to the on air time frame.  If a client opts not to buy both the stream and the on air, then the station will probably need to cover that time - usually with other on-line only block programming.  Here is how to make sure that the on-line block programming is different than the on air block programming:

 Before you begin, please make sure to add a New Custom Ad Family to the Ad Families screen for the specific station in question (access from the Injector manager > Ad Families screen).  In our example below, we created a custom ad family named, Block Programming.  Once this is set-up it need not be set-up again in the future.  See creating Ad Families for complete instructions on how to set one up if you need a refresher.

1.  Access the Client Console
2. Click on the Injector Manager link at the top of the screen
3. Choose the correct station from the drop down list and click CONTINUE
4. When the inventory screen loads, click the Cart Trigger Editor link
5. Click the New Timed Trigger button in the lower middle section of the screen
6. Set the start date to the day the trigger is needed
7. Set the End Date to the day after the cart trigger is needed
8. Select the Active day and deselect any of the unneeded days
9. Set the start time to the exact time the cover material needs to start playing in military time; 06:00:00, or 08::30:00, etc
10. Change the Trigger Value to the name of the new trigger
11. Set the duration to 5 -10 seconds longer than the actual duration of the file that you'll be running, ex: 00:30:05, etc  NOTE: make sure that the duration listed here is LONGER than the run time of the file being uploaded!
12. Select Items in Specific families from the ad families section and then check the box for Block Programming in the lower section of the screen
13. Set the Data Ignore Duration to the exact same time as the duration listed above; ex 00:30:05
14. Click Save

Then all you need to do is Add a New Component to inventory using the following steps:
1. Access the Injector manager for the needed station
2. Click the New Component button
3. Add a name for the soon to be uploaded item
3. Set the station that it needs to run on

4. Set the family to be only the Block Programming family  NOTE: Do not put this item in the Enable Family - this is the one scenario when the item should NOT be in Enable.

5. Leave the rest of the items defaulted as is - If you have the option to set the Category of the item, set this to Paid Spots - if Paid Spots is not in your list, just leave the default set.

6. Set the start date and end date

7. Choose Upload now and click Continue

8. Find the file and upload it

9. Click the Link for Open Scheduling

10. Click the button more Mon-Sun 12a-12Mid

11. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Finished


After the campaign runs just remember to Instant Expire the item.  Also, you can run an affidavit by clicking the Performance Report icon for the item in inventory.



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