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Can I create my own Ad Family?
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00239 Views: 3739 Created: 2011-07-29 17:01 0 Rating/ Voters

Yes, you can create your own ad family if needed.  However, 95% of all stations NEVER need to create custom ad families. 

Most stations can get the result the want by adding items to both the Enable Family and a Frequency Cap family.  Ad Families are essentailly different "buckets" of inventory that can be called upon either in specific situations or in conjuction with another Family.  All Cart Triggers must be configured to pull and play items from a specific Ad Family.  By default, all Normal Ad Cover items should be in the Enable Ad Family since it is the Enable Family that the station's regualr ad cover Triggers will use to replace the on air commecrials.  Custom Ad Families can be creted to allow for different durations of capping to be applied to specific content.  In these cases a custom ad family would be used IN CONJUCNTION WITH the Enable family.

However, Ad Families can be used for a range of other inventory segmentations.  If for example, a station needed to create a specific Cart Trigger to create a specific period of cover, say for a Stream Takeover, a special commercial free weekend, or a host of other custom cover periods, a Custom Ad Family could be used to separate the needed content for these specific cover periods from the other "normal" ad cover used in normal programming periods.  Remember, that it is the Cart Trigger that determines when a cover period will begin.  The Cart Triggers are then "told" to cover that specific time with items from inventory (the Ad Family) based on the Delivery Command (eitehr a specific template, BreakSchedules, or randomly from the ad family bucket using -1).  So, in the end the Ad Family is used in conjunction with Cart Trigger and the Template to determine what pieces of content can be used in a specific period of time.

But if you would like to create your own ad families, here's how:

1. Log into the Client Console and click on Injector Manager
2. If you have rights to more than one station, choose the proper station from the drop down box and click continue.
3. Click the Ad Families link
4. At the top of the ad families screen, you'll see Custom As Families for: - choose the correct station from the drop down list and wait for the screen to reload
5. Click Add New Custom Family
6. Give the new family a name
7. Set the Family Cap value (minutes) to the amount of time you want between elements that are going to be added to the family - so how many minutes between elements A & B
8. Set the Individual Cap value (minutes) to the amount of time you want between plays of the same element - so how many minutes between plays of element A
9. Once families have been created, you can add elements to the family by selecting the family (blue icon next to  family name) and adding elements that are currently in that family.  Just highlight the items in the right-side box and click Add Media to Selected Family. 

For more information on how Ad Families can be used make sure to consut the Injector Manager User Guide.  Also, there are several articles on Cart Triggers, their Delivery Commands, and Tempaltes within the Knowledgebase that can assist you.  And, you can always send an email to for hands-on assistance from our Support Team.


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