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Is there a way that we can schedule play-through without covering?
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00255 Views: 2684 Created: 2010-11-19 15:38 0 Rating/ Voters

We play college and professional games on air that we are not permitted to stream.  We would like to stream audio from another source but we don't want to act on any data or cover any spots while we are playing audio from this other source.  Is there a way that we can schedule play-through without covering? 

Yes.  You can create a play through period where we ignore the data and just play what you are doing on the stream.  There are actually a few different ways to create a "White Out." 

If you want to handle this manually, you can disable the Cart Triggers during the needed times.  Simply log into your account, click the Injector Manager link, choose the proper station from the list and click the Cart Trigger Editor link.  Then, check the boxes for all cart triggers that show Green Arrows and click Disable.  Remember, you will need to manually re-enable the triggers once the event is finished.

However, if you would prefer to have these scheduled without manual changes to the cart trigger list, you can schedule items in your automation system to tell us to go into a play through period.

To do this you will need to set-up two triggers in your cart trigger list.  Then, once these are active you can schedule items IN YOUR AUTOMATION SYSTEM or TRAFFIC SYSTEMS that match the category codes of the cart triggers below.  This will allow you to create play through periods at your leisure and on your schedule. 

Let's say that you play NFL games on your station and during the game you want to play alternative audio with no cover.  If these games always start with a specific into and always end with the same outro, you can just re-categorize these items into the categories below and anytime they play, you will automatically have a play through period. 

For full, in-depth instructions, click here to see how to set-up a data based "WhiteOut."

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