Cover Material for ESPN Programming


ESPN affiliate stations have the ability to cover long period blackouts with different, stream friendly content. 

If the station is an official ESPN streaming affiliate they can cover long periods of time on their streams with alternative ESPN programming, which is typically used when there is an event not allowed to play through to the stream.

The ESPN suggested method is to make sure you are feeding audio to the stream through the ESPN mandated streaming port (“C”) on their XDS receiver and the cover programming will automatically switch from the unauthorized games.

If for some technical reason you are unable to use the Streaming Port “C” on their XDS receiver, you can manually schedule a Blackout within Injector Manager (link to PDF with instructions below).

Timed Blackout instructions

Data based Blackout Instructions

In the “Delivery” field of the Blackout trigger you will want to enter the following link (instead of a -1):

In the Ad Families option, "Select Items in Enabled..."

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