Ad Insertion seems to be starting about a second or so too early. Is this something that I can adjust?


Q: When the injector software starts injecting streaming content, it is injecting about 1 second before the voice track completes. (Ads are being inserted slightly early) Is this is a setting that I can adjust?


A: Absolutely! Ando starts the process for ad insertion the moment we get the "trigger" from your automation system that you are going to a commercial break. However, because of audio processing chains, sometimes the data and the audio do not sync up correctly and Ad Insertion appears to start a second or so early.


This can be easily corrected by following these steps:


1. Log in to the Ando console

2. Click the Injector Manager link, select your station from the drop-down (if you have one) and click Continue

3. Click the cart Trigger Editor Link

4. Find the Trigger or Triggers that start the streaming breaks. (these will be identified with a Green Arrow in the Actions column) and click Edit to manipulate each one individually. 

5. At the bottom of the window you will see something labeled "Trigger hold (ms)". This is where you will enter a length of time (in milliseconds) that you want to delay ad insertion start, after we have received the data. 


For short up-cut's we typically suggest starting with a 500ms Trigger Hold setting and then adjusting up or down from there.



For a point of reference:

250ms = 1/4 of a second

500ms = 1/2 second

750ms = 3/4 second

1000ms = 1 full second

8000ms = 8 full seconds, etc


You can modify the trigger hold to any of these and anything in between all the way down to zero.


Keep in mind that once you have made the changes to *all* of your commercial triggers - it will take about 30 minutes for them to become effective on the stream.