Are changes to station Templates logged so I can see what was changed and by whom?




All changes to the Templates are tracked in an Audit log when any setting or configuration change is saved.  The log includes the modification made, a timestamp of when the change was made, who made the change, and a View-only snapshot of the previous template prior to the saved change.


So, to visually see exactly what was changed in a template, open the audit log and click the View Change link for the top listed item.  Note that screenshot.  Then open the next View Change link to see how it existed before that last change.  The difference between the two will show what was changed in the newest version.


If there are a series of entries rather than opening and closing various links, users can “tab” through them by viewing Prev(ious) or Next screenshots.


Note: The BreakSchedules Grid also has a similar log and audit system.  However, the Grid DOES NOT have a screenshot capability.