Affidavit by Category


Users can now generate summary affidavit reports for content based on category (Paid Spot (CPM), Paid Spot (PI), Unpaid Spot ( PSAs, etc.), and many more).   The Affidavit by Category item appears on the Affidavit Generator page and is one of the five (%) types of Affidavits that can be run on demand anytime they are needed.


Just note that due to the amount of data examined when running this specific type of Affidavit, it can only be run in Summary view.  This is the only Affidavit that doesn’t offer a Detailed view.

To generate an Affidavit by Category just follow these steps:


1.       Click the Campaign manager link at the top of the screen

2.       Change to the Reports & Tools tab

3.       Click the Affidavit Generator link

4.       From the Affidavit selection screen, choose the Affidavit by Category link

5.       Select a category

6.       Set the needed date range

7.       And choose the optional data to be included in the report

8.       Click Generate