Common Questions and Answers about Tracking Tags


Q.  Can we run a tracking pixel with a preroll video?
A.  Yes.  If the client has provided you with a specific URL for a tracking pixel then simply enter the campaign as normal and then choose Synced Banners from the Spot Actions menu.  Then add the URL to the Tracking Pixel line and click save.

Q.  What if the tracking code is not just a URL but HTML?
A.  If the 3rd Party has provided you with any type of code to the tracking pixel other than a qualified URL, then this will need to be added as the Synced Banner or in addition to the synced banner.  Just merge the code together and paste it into the 3rd Party Synced Banner window.

Q. Can we run 3rd Party code as preroll/gateway videos?
A. It depends.  If the 3rd Party is providing you with a link to a VAST XML ad, then yes.  IF they are providing you with other code, then no.  The Campaign Manager will only accept and properly play VAST compliant 3rd Party ads.  Adding a VAST video ad is very simple.  Just click on the creative UPLOAD link and choose Reference Existing File.  Then check the box for a VAST creative, enter the duration and paste the VAST XML URL.

Q. I was given 3rd Party Banner (or tracking code) that contains a CacheBuster, how do I run this?
A. Take a look at this article for detailed instructions about how to handle a Cache buster.  Once you configure the code correctly just make sure that it is entered into the correct place in the Synced Banner upload window. 

Q.  I was given a video file and code to a tracking pixel, how do I add this to the Campaign Manager?
A. Simple, save the video to your local network.  Then add the needed preroll campaign as you would add a typical gateway campaign.  When you get to the Campaign Details screen.  Click the Upload link to add the video file to the system.  Then, while it is being processed, choose the Synced Banner link from the Spot Actions menu.  If you were provided with a URL and only a web address (http://......) then just add this address to the Tracking Pixel line.  If you were given code ( something that looks like <A HREF="http://someaddress"><IMG SRC="http://some"></A> ) then the tracking code will need to be added as a Synced Banner.  So, paste the code into the 3rd Party Tag window for the synced banner.