Creating a Looping Message in a blackout or long form cover period:


Can a single item be looped over and over again for a Blackout or Long Form cover period?

Actually, we can’t make a single item loop.  Essentially, if you want the same message to loop over and over again, it is best to upload it to the needed Ad Family multiple times.  In fact the system imposes a spot level 15 minute frequency cap on all items that are uploaded.  So, you will need at least 15 minutes of content in the Stream Down Family to prevent any dead air during the cover period.

 That being the case, it is strongly suggested that the needed creative be rendered into one or two long form loops in Produiction; each being say 10 minutes long.  We alos strongly suggest that a few items are created that have total "looped" durations of about 5 minutes, and a few that are :60’s, :30’s and even one or two that are :15’s are created as well.  Due to the manner in whcih the Injector determines how to fill the needed remaining duration, it is suggested that a handful of itmes, all of varying durations be added to inventory in the needed Ad Family. 


For more information regariding enabling blackouts please take a look at this article.


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