Can I find out what Industries are running campaigns on our stations?



The Campaign Manager provides users with an Industry Code Report which details all of the campaigns running on a station in a specified time frame and what industry the advertisers are from.

To generate the report just follow these steps:

1. Access your Client Console Account
2. Click on the Campaign Manager link
3. Click the Reports & Tools tab
4. Click the Industry Code Report
5. Set a start date and end date
6. Choose the report level by Network, Market or station
7. Set the Industry code
8. Set the output format of the report; either on-screen or to Excel
9. Click Generate
10.  To see what campaigns ran in what industry, when the initial list of industries loads, simply check the boxes of any available industry and click the Show Details for Checked Industry button
11. You will get a report that looks like this:



Should you have any questions, just ask our support department via a ticket and they’ll be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.