Can I create a custom list of stations from multiple markets and put them into one list?


Yes!  in Ando this is called a Virtual Market.  And Super Admin users can create any custom lists of stations that they want.  These custom lists can be used anywhere the standard station selection dialogue box is used (campaign Manager, Sound Exchange reports, Webcast Metrics reports, etc).  The custom lists can be of stations from the same market or multiple markets, the same format or multiple formats, the same Frequencey type or multiple frequency types.  To generate a Virtual Market just follow these steps (NOTE: this functionality is only available to Super Admins):

1.       Access your Client Console account

2.       Click on the Advanced Tab

3.       Click the Stations link

4.       Click the Manage Virtual Markets link

5.       Enter a name for the new custom list in the Create New text field

6.       Click the Save New button

7.       This will list the newly created Virtual Market name in the Edit Existing drop down box.  Make sure that the name of the Virtual Market you just created is selected (unless of course you want to edit an existing market, then you can just select that one from the pre-existing list)

8.       Drop down to the Select a Market box and find the market for the stations you want to add to the new Virtual Market (optionally you can elect to display all stations under your account by clicking the Show All Stations box or you can search for a specific station in the search field)

9.       Highlight the stations that should be added to the Virtual Market in the Matching Stations box by clicking on them (shift+click or CTL+click can be used as well)

10.   Move them to the selected stations box by clicking the right pointing arrow

11.   Once all stations have been selected simply click the Save button


This list of stations can be selected in most reports and tools within the Ando system by scrolling through the market list and choosing the VM – Name of New Market/List.

Please contact our Support Desk through the link at the top of the screen should you have any issues or need any assistance.