How do I run a Sound Exchange Report?


Running sound exchange reports is very straightforward.  Simply access your account to access any of the three Sound Exchange related reports.  Once access to has been granted, just click the Webcast Metrics link at the top of the screen.  Then click the Sound Exchange Reporting link and choose the type of report that needs to be run.



The first link can be used if you need to run an Exclusion report to make sure that all items included in the station, or group's, reports are royalty based items.  To generate an exclusions report just follow these steps:

1.       Click the Review Reports & Mark Exclusions link

2.       Choose a Market from the drop down list

3.       Select a station from the drop down list

4.       Set a start date and end date

5.       If Run Report is clicked at this point the report will return all items that played within the selected date range

6.       If the artist and title information is selected the system will search for those specific terms and match and return those that match within the defined date range


Optionally: rather than viewing the full report of all items that played a report can be generated that only shows all of the items that have been previously excluded.  Once an item has been Excluded, it will then be in the exclusion list rather than the report list.  Items previously excluded will automatically be excluded going forward.


7.       To physically mark an item as an exclusion, once the full report loads, simply scroll through the list and check the boxes on the left side of the screen for any items that need to be excluded and click the I agree, Remove Exclusions button at the bottom of the screen.  Keep in mind that the report will load with multiple pages.  If exclusions are found and need to be marked, they will need to be marked on each page.  Most users prefer to view the report at 100 records per page to minimize the number of pages that need to be viewed.

8.       To reverse any previously marked exclusion, simply run a View Exclusions report, check the boxes for any items that need to be put back into the Sound Exchange Royalty report and click the Reverse Exclusions button at the bottom of the page.



On a regular basis most station need to provide Sound Exchange with Total Performances.  To run this report for all of the stations under your account simply follow these steps:

1.                   Click the Webcast Metrics link at the top of the page

2.                   Click the  Sound Exchange Reporting link

3.                   Set a state date and an end date

4.                   Click Continue



1.                   Click the Webcast Metrics link at the top of the page

2.                   Click the  Sound Exchange Reporting link

3.                   Decide whether or not a Network level report, market level report or station level report is needed and select the specific market or station needed

4.                   Enter a Name for the service report (this should comply to the Sound Exchange naming convention)

5.                   Select the month that the report is needed for

6.                   Set the Transmission Category (NOTE: some categories have been removed by Sound Exchange see the Sound Exchange Transmission category article)

7.                   Enter the Address of service

8.                   Enter the City of your station or station group

9.                   Enter the state of your station or station group

10.               Enter the zip code of your station or station group

11.               Enter your name (this should be the submitter’s full name)

12.               Enter the submitter’s email address

13.               Enter the submitter’s phone number

14.               If the report should be automatically emailed to Sound Exchange, check the Automatic Submission box.  If the report will be manually sent to them at a later time, simple leave the Automatic Submission unchecked.  Either way the system will email the submitter a copy of the report.

15.               Click the Submit Report Request button


NOTE: station level reports will be generated in real time and emailed as soon as the report is complete.  Market level reports will run after 10PM ET and Network level reports will run after 3AM ET.


The file that will be sent will be a .zip file – this is done to reduce the file size of the larger market and network level reports.


Also, since it is common for groups to have reports for different Transmission Categories Sound Exchange will accept a report for all B’s and a separate report for all C’s.  If you need to create a custom list of all News/Talk stations and another custom list for all Music stations, see the Virtual Markets tutorial which will allow the creation of custom lists of stations.