Can we pull a report to show where listeners are listening from? Possibly a DMA report?


Yes!  Pulling a Listenership by DMA report is very simple and straightforward.  To do so just follow the steps below:


1.       Log into your Client Console account

2.       Click the Webcast metrics link at the top of the screen

3.       Click the Listenership by DMA report link

4.       Set the start date and end date

5.       Choose the proper market

6.       Then highlight the proper station by clicking on it in the Stations box

7.       Click Run Report


That’s it.  The report will take a minute to load but once it does  the system will return a paginated report showing the various listener DMA’s on page one and the statistical breakdowns for each DMA on subsequent pages.  Should you have any questions feel free to submit a ticket to our Support department.