I don't see the Sound Exchange Transmission category that I used to use, why?


Recently several Transmission categories were listed as 'reserved.'  Which essentially means that they have been removed.  Stations should refer to 37 CFR 370 at the following link for more information regarding which codes they should use going forward.  37 CFR 370.4(d)(2)(ii) is where the list of transmissions codes are posted.  The ones marked “reserved” previously were assigned to categories that are now either expired or otherwise not valid.  Services attempting to use those codes should reference the government site for more information on which valid code should be used.

Click here to access the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations


Also, make sure to check out the Broadcaster rates and terms (Appendix B, beginning on page 9,299), which have very specific exceptions to the standard reporting requirements.  Notably, 5.2(e) requires Broadcasters to submit reports of use that are either separate per station, or (if consolidated) showing the usage per station.

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If you have questions, please feel free to contact Sound Exchange for more information.