Creating Virtual Markets for Sound Exchange Reports


If you need to submit multiple reports to Sound Exchange for different Transmission Categories you can set-up different groups of stations by using Virtual Markets.

A Virtual Market is a custom grouping of stations not dependant on their physical markets.  For example, you can create a list of all Country stations in the top 15 markets.  Likewise, you could create a list of only your News Talk / Sports formats.  And so forth.

While Sound Exchange would prefer to have the least amount of reports possible, a single report can only include one Transmission Category at a time.  Since groups typically have multiple stations of the same transmission category in multiple markets, the best way to generate a transmission category specific report is to add all of the needed stations to a Virtual Market.  Let's say that you had to submit a report for Transmission Category B and another one for Category C.  If no virtual markets have been created then this is technically impossible.  But with Virtual Markets this is very straightforward.

To create the needed Virtual Market before you run the Sound Exchange report, go to the Advanced menu at the top of the screen and click the Stations link.  Then click the Manage Virtual Markets link.

Simply add a new name in the Create New line and click Save New.  That new virtual market will become the default in the Edit Existing drop down box, then start choosing all the markets and stations that  need to be added to this grouping.  Once all of the stations have been added, just click Save at the bottom of the screen and the Virtual Market will be saved. 

Going forward you'll be able to use that Virtual Market in future reports and also anywhere in the system that you need to select stations or markets.