I can't seem to delete items from the Injector manager inventory screen, why?


Items can in fact be deleted from a station’s inventory, but deletions can only be performed by  Admin and Super Admin level users.


If your account is a Programming or Production account and you have some items in inventory that you no longer want to play, simply Instant Expire those items. 


We recommend Instant Expiring rather than Deleting because once an item has been deleted, it, and all play records of it, will be deleted as well.


Instant Expiring ads renders them unplayable but keeps all play records on file.  To Instant Expire an item simply click the 5th icon to the right of that item’s ad id number (it will look like  chart with a little red x in a box).  Instant Expiring items will deactivate them and prevent them from playing.


If you do need to have the items deleted and removed 100% from inventory then reach out to your local Super Admin and have them upgrade your account to an Admin level account - that will give you access to delete items.