Subscribing to the Last Data Received Alert


Every account has the ability to subscribe to the Last Data Received alerts by accessing their accounts and clicking the Account Settings link on the left side of the screen.  Then, when the page opens, just have the account holder check the box in the lower-middle section of the screen for the Last Data Received. 

Once that box is checked, if they click Save at the bottom of the page they will then be opted in to receive the alerts by email.

Also, we would suggest that all stations implement a Best Practice so that every user who logs into the system is tasked with checking the onscreen alert status of the stations under their account level every time the log into the system. 

This literally takes about 3 seconds and is very easy to do. 

Just have every user who logs into the system scroll below the three graphs on the home page of their accounts and check to see if there is a Red Blinking Light in the Alert column for their market.  If they see a green light then there are no alerts.  If they see a red light they should click the + sign for the market to expand the list of assigned stations.  Any station(s) in alert status will be listed with a red blinking light.  Users can then click the red light to open a pop-up box which will provide specific details about what alert has tripped.  They can then send that information the local engineer to have the issue corrected at the station.

A few notes about the onscreen alerts:

If all 3 alerts are tripped in the pop-up window, that normally means that the streaming PC is offline and needs to be rebooted. 

If both the Last Data Received alert and the Last Spot Play alert have tripped at basically the same time (within a few minutes of each other), 99% of the time that means that the automation system has stopped sending data to the streaming pc.  Once the automation data is flowing again, both of those alerts will clear.

In most instances when a station is showing a Red Alert, the issue can be quickly resolved by the local station Engineering or IT staff but our support staff is more than happy to assist if need be.  Just submit a ticket through the link at the top of the screen.