Ad Wire ads are playing too frequently. Can I put frequency caps on them?


If you really need to increase the frequency caps on Ad Wire items you absolutely can.  However, keep in mind that Ad Wire ads will ONLY play if there are not other, locally sold, locally trafficked Paid Spots available to be played at the time of the stop set.

But, if you do want to reduce the frequency with which certain ads can play the best way to do that is to create a new Custom Ad Family with an individual cap.  Then, as you add new Ad Wire spots from the Ad Wire pages, add them to this new family.

Here's how to do it:

1. Access your Client Console account and click the Injector Manager link
2. Choose the station in question from the drop down box
3. When the inventory screen loads, click the Ad Families link
4. Once the Ad Families page opens, again, select the proper station from the drop down box
5. Click on the ADD NEW CUSTOM FAMILY button
6. Enter the new families name in the DESCRIPTION box
7. Set the Individual Cap to be the length of the Frequency Cap you'd like to have imposed on these new items
-- the Individual Cap controls the cap on each individual item in the family.
-- the Family Cap controls ALL items in the family so that only one item from the family is playable for each defined time period - so want to leave the at 0 for these purposes
8. Click SAVE

That will create a new Ad Family to control play of items in inventory that are added to that family. If you set it up to have an Individual Cap of 55 minutes that will basically make each individual item playable only once every 55 minutes, or basically once per hour.

Going forward, as you add new Ad Wire spots to the station make sure to add them to the new family. To do this, and leave them in the ENABLE FAMILY (they will already be added to the Enable Family so all you'll need to do is add them to the new family), just follow the steps below:

1. Select the ads you want to be playable in the Ad Wire interface
2. Click the Injector manager link at the top of the page
3. Choose the proper station from the drop down box and click continue
4. Click the Ad Families link in the Injector Manager nav bar
5. When the ad family screen loads, select the proper station from the drop down box
6. Click the BLUE icon to the left of the Ad Wire Frequency Cap family
7. Select all new Ad Wire ads in the Ads Not In Selected Family box on the right side of the screen by checking each ad wire ad's checkbox

That will keep them in the Enable Family so that they are playable and it will also add a 55 minute (basically one hour) Frequency Cap to each individual item. If you need to create a similar scenario on any other stations, just follow the steps above on each of those stations as well.

We hope that helps. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.