I'm trying to run a monthly Webcast Metrics report and I am seeing daily interval data but it is saying No Data Available. What's wrong?


Webcast Metrics reports are always four (4) days behind and we need to have a complete interval to process and post the entire interval. 


Daily reports are always available up to 4 days prior to today.  Weekly reports are available on the Friday of the new week.  And, monthly reports are run on the 5th of each month - unless the 5th falls on a Friday.  In which case the monthly reports will be available on the 6th.


If the date range that you are including takes into account these time offsets and you are missing data that is longer than the needed duration, please reach out to our support staff by clicking the Submit Ticket link at the top of this screen.  This could be indicative of a log file delivery issue and it should be investigated immediately.