Invalid / Non-Music items showing on Sound Exchange Reports


The station Injector receives song and title information from the station automation system based on how that information is categorized in the automation system. The Injector saves all song data which is defined in a Now Playing Cart Trigger (usually noted in the automation system as MUSIC, SONG, or something similar).  Occasionally, non-music elements like Promos, Sweepers and Bumpers get tracked as Music elements due to those items being categorized as "songs" in the automation system.  

Rather than having your engineers or programmers completely reorganize the automation system, the Client Console allows users to mark any of these non-music items as Exclusions so that they are not added to the Sound Exchange royalty report.  To prevent any non-music items from being included in the Sound Exchange reports simply follow these steps:

1. Login to the Client Console
2. Click on "Webcast Metrics Reports" at the top of the screen
3. Click the SoundExchange Reports link
4. Click the "Mark Exclusions" link
5. Fill out the specific criteria needed (date range, station, etc) and click and run report
6. Once the report loads, select "Exclude" next to any items you would like to exclude and click the submit button at the bottom of the page


Any selected and excluded items will be removed from all future Sound Exchange reports.
Users might have to page through all of the items in the list so be sure that all pages are checked for possible exclusions.