How do I split spins/impressions between two pieces of creative evenly, 50/50?


Commonly, advertisers want to run two different pieces of creative and have them rotate evenly 50/50 throughout a campaign. For example, XYZ Autos purchased 5,000 impressions for $5,000 to run between the 1st of the month and the 5th of the month on our station DEMO. However, they want to spread the 5,000 impressions evenly, 50/50 (2,500 impressions each), between Spot A and Spot B which have different tag lines.

The best way to do this is to create a spot with the first piece of creative (Spot A) setting the requested number of spins or impressions to half of what is needed for the total of the campaign. Then COPY this spot and upload the second piece of creative to the second spot. Here is a quick step-by-step to accomplish this:

1. Click either NEW Campaign, NEW Advertiser or NEW Campaign, RE-USE or Edit an Advertiser Record depending on whether or not you are setting up a new advertiser or setting up a new campaign for the pre-existing advertiser XYZ Autos.
2.Set the Campaign Name, Product Name, choose the Campaign Source, and set the Start and End dates. Then select whether the overall campaign will be trafficked according to a number of requested spins or impressions (in our sample scenario above we are setting this to 5,000 Impressions the total requested for the ENTIRE campaign) and enter that Total leaving FOR THE ENTRIRE CAMPAIGN selected in the drop down list.
3. OPTIONAL: enter the billing information if needed for the affidavits and reporting
4. Enter the Campaign CPM and Campaign revenue Total
5. OPTIONAL: Enter the monthly Billing information if needed
7. Set the parameters of the first type of creative you plan to upload; audio element, duration, In stream, etc and click the Next button
8. Set the Advertisement Type by clicking the appropriate button
9. Set the Billing Type as Per Spot or CPM depending on how the campaign was sold. (Per spot for a requested Spin levels and CMP for an Impression based campaign, in our sample we are using CPM since this was an Impression based buy)
10. Leave the Traffic spread line defaulted to SPECIFY NUMBER OF SPOTS FOR EACH FLIGHT and select the number of needed flights. For purposes of this example, we will only be running one flight for the whole campaign.
11. Enter HALF of the needed Spins/Impressions into the Requested Spots/Impressions line. We only need half right now because we are going to copy the spot and the Flight details later. Click SAVE
12. Set the Dayparts needed for the Flight and Click SAVE. When the page refreshes, scroll to the bottom and click FINISHED
13. You have now created a Single spot for the entire flight dates needed. Now, Click the Orange Upload button and physically upload Creative A to the Ando server.
14. Next, click the Red Stations link and add this spot to the necessary station in our sample we would choose DEMO from our station list, highlight it and click the Right pointing arrow to add it to the Selected Stations box. Then click SAVE. -- We now have a complete spot, with complete flight dates for the time needed. Now, we just need to Copy this and the other creative
15. Mouse over Spot Actions and Choose COPY SPOT from the drop down menu.
16. Leave Copy the Creative and Copy the Banner Data defaulted to NO and click YES. Then Click Close in the pop-up window to close that dialog box
17. Click the Orange UPLOAD link for the newly copied spot and upload Creative
18. Click the Ready to Activate button in the upper right hand corner of the screen