How do I set the end date on elements that I upload using the bulk upload tool?


The bulk upload tool is provided specifically for UNPAID inventory such as Promos, PSAs, Station IDs, Sweepers etc. By default, the application sets the "End date" on everything uploaded to 1 year out. So if you upload a spot on 5/19/2008, it will end on 5/19/2009.

You can however, change the start/end dates by logging into the Injector Manager, selecting the pencil and paper icon next to the element in question and changing the flight information.  You can also use the Mass Update tool on the left side of the Injector Manager Inventory screen to select multiple items and update their end dates all at once.  Just check the boxes next to all items you wish to change and then set a new End Date on the left side of the screen.  Click UPDATE and all the items will be edited in one swoop with the newly defined date.

Please note:
After you upload the content, there is a 15-30 minute lag time before any content uploaded is available to 'preview' inside the injector manager.  Also, all items added to inventory using the Bulk Upload Tool should always have Normalize Volume and Trim Silence enabled at the time of upload.  These two options should be checked in the Bulk Upload tool prior to clicking the UPLOAD button.