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51 What is the Delivery Command option in the Cart Trigger screen?

The Delivery Command parameter is basically asking "how" the Injector should fill a stop set. All stations running an installed Injector will have to configure a station Template which determines what categories of items can be used as fill material when…

52 When I go to "My Inventory" in the "Injector Manager" I see numbers next to categories. What do these numbers mean?

Let’s say that, for the sake of example, there is a 37 next to "Paid Spot (CPM). In the Injector Manager screen. And a 12 next to Unpaid Spots. Does that mean that the station has have 37 clients inserting ads or 37 clients including the Ad Wire spots?…

53 Why isn't my spot playing?

There are several issues that could cause an ad not to play. Here are some of the most common things to check: If a single Campaign has not garnered any plays whatsoever... 1. Check to ensure that the campaign has been Activated. If you view the Campaign…