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Stop Sets Delay Starting on Windows 7 machines
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00490 Views: 11206 Created: 2012-10-31 17:25 0 Rating/ Voters

Q. We recently upgraded our streaming computer to Windows 7 and now the stop sets don't sound nearly as tight as they used to.  We didn't change anything else at all, is there something that can be done to correct this?

A. Absolutely!  

Windows 7 uses a default SQL Server setting that can impair the Injector’s ability to start injecting as tightly as it did in Windows XP environments.  It is a simple configuration change that can be implemented that will once again make the stop sets start tightly.  here is all that a station needs to do to make the stop sets tight again:

1. Log into the streaming computer and open the system's start menu
2. Go to All Programs
3. And Choose Microsoft SQL Server 2005
4. Click on the Configuration Tools link
5. Choose the SQL Server Configuration Manager
6. Double click the Protocols for MSSQLSERVER link
7. In the right pane, check to see if the Shared memory status is ENABLED.  If so, right click on it and open the Properties
8. Change this from Enabled to Disabled
9.  All option should be set to Disabled EXCEPT TCP/IP
10. Repeat this process for the SQL Native Configuration as well
11. So, expand the SQL Native Client Configuration and click on the Client Protocols link
12. Check to see if Shared Memory is Enabled in the right pane.  If it is, right click on it and select the Properties option from the pop-up menu and then choose Disable
13. Double-check to ensure that all items EXCEPT TCP/IP are disabled
14. Close the Server Configuration manger screen
15. Restart the SQL Server

Should you need any assistance whatsoever, please contact our Support Team for help making any needed configuration changes.


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