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Using the Creative Library to manage creative
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00367 Views: 2405 Created: 2012-05-02 13:59 0 Rating/ Voters

The Creative Library allows users to manage a given advertiser’s audio and video creative through a central repository. Traffickers now have the ability to upload creative to the Library at the time they receive the audio creative, or they can upload it to the line item of a specific campaign and simultaneously add it to the Creative Library for future re-use.  All items added to the Library can then be managed independently of campaigns.


• All advertisers will have a unique creative library
• Only creative uploaded to the library will appear in an advertiser’s creative library
• Add creative to the library without having to immediately assign it to a spot or create a spot
• Users can assign an advertiser’s creative to one or multiple spots
• For spots that require the same creative, there will be no need to re-upload the same creative for each spot

The Creative Library can be accessed in one of two ways; from the Manage Advertisers screen or from the Upload/Bulk Assign links of a campaign in the Campaign Details screen.
Accessing the Library from the Manage Advertisers Screen:
1. Access the Campaign Manager
2. Click Manage Advertisers
3. Click the Creative Library link
4. Search for an advertiser by typing the name of the advertiser.  remember, each advertiser has their own individual and unique library.  The system will also perform a dynamic name look-up as the advertiser's name is typed.
5. Click Next
6. The screen will open displaying all items that are currently active in the advertiser Library
7. Click the Add button to add new creative to the Library
8. Select up to 10 files to upload
9. Click open, then set the needed trimming and normalizing options
10. Click Save
Please note that if any errors are detected during the upload process, they will be highlighted in the lower section of the screen.  It is also important to make sure that two files of the same name are not uploaded.  The Library can only accept a single file name once and all duplicates will be refused.
Accessing the Library from the Campaign Details Screen:
1. Access the Campaign Manager
2. Search for a campaign or click it's link from the Dashboard
3. Once in the Campaign Details screen, click UPLOAD
4. Users can choose to assign a file ALREADDY in the Library or they can Upload a file:
     a. To choose a file from the Library, simply highlight the needed file, and click SAVE
     b. To Upload a file, click the Upload New File radio button, click Browse to find the correct file, highlight it, and click Upload.  if this file SHOULD ALSO be added to the Library make sure to check the Add to Library check box BEFORE clicking upload
     c. Users can also Reference an existing file by clicking the Reference Existing File radio button, entering the URL (aka web address) to the file and then enter a duration (like 30.3024, 29,7, etc)

Once a File has been assigned, referenced, or uploaded, the dialogue box will close and after refreshing the line item a preview icon will display on the left side of the screen.

Once last note:  Users can also Bulk Upload / Assign from the Tools menu.  From within the Bulk Assign / Upload box, users can mass add files to the library in one fell swoop or assign an item to multiple lines in the campaign with one action.

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