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My stream goes silent when it is supposed to be covering ads
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00273 Views: 2438 Created: 2010-11-19 15:56 0 Rating/ Voters

If you are hearing dead air or silence in stop sets; say one ad plays, then another, then there is a minute or two of silence then the station returns to Live or plays another spot, most likely, The error is: "No Ads Found Matching Criteria" – which can be seen on the Injector software on the actual streaming PC.

If you see this error, or hear this kind of playback in stop sets, then this basically means that the station is running out of playable inventory to cover on the stream.  When the Injector runs out of content the stream goes silent until the live rejoin or until there is other content available to be played.

Users can very easily correct this by adding PSA’s from the PSA Wire tool to the station’s inventory.

To opt-in to the PSA Wire simply, click the PSA Wire link at the of the Ando Client Console Home screen, then Link each station.  Once the stations are linked, just click the Display PSA's option and choose to activate the desired PSA's by checking any box for a “red” item and then clicking Add Selected.  

Once more Fill material has been made available to play on the station stream during cover periods the reported silence and dead air will go away.

If the station would prefer to play their own content in lieu of items from the PSA Wire, simply use the New Component process or the Bulk Upload tool to add more Fill items to inventory.

Please note:  Make sure to check the Template Designer in the Injector Manager to ensure that Unpaid Spots/PSA's are enabled to play.  Simply put checkmarks in the boxes for the Unpaid row of the Template and click SAVE at the bottom of the screen. 

For complete instructions and a more in depth analysis, make sure to check this article or contact our support staff by submitting a ticket from the link at the top of the screen.



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