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Why isn't my pre-roll playing?
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00216 Views: 4707 Created: 2010-11-18 17:04 0 Rating/ Voters

If a pre-roll / gateway is properly scheduled (and all needed variables are set and the campaign is active) most likely, the current flight is pacing ahead of its goals and as such, not available to be played at that time.  To verify this, check the ad progress pacing for the ad in question.  If the ad is pacing at more than 106%, then it has been paused and it will resume playing again after enough time has passed to drop the pacing below 96%.

The second most common issue that results in a preroll not playing is due to the wrong the actual file being out of spec for the player. While the Campaign Manager will take any file that your Super Admins have designated as acceptable, the file types that can be played on a player really depend on the player itself.  Flash based players can only run .flv files as gateway videos.  Windows Media players can only run .wmv files as prerolls.  Since these two player types are competing technologies they do not allow for the other's files to play on their players.  Simply re-render the file in the proper format for your player and re-upload it over the currently "running" creative.  Once the proper file type is in place, the ad will start playing in about 10 minutes.

Also, it is possible that the file’s dimensions, bit rate or recording rate are out of spec for the player.  Some CDN’s will not play files that are rendered at larger than 320 pixels wide x 240 pixels wide.  Likewise, some CDN’s will not play files that have a bit rate of more than 300Kbps.  Always make sure that any video files that are going to be used as prerolls are under those requirements and the files should play on any CDN’s player.

If your file is in spec and it still will not play, please reach out to our support staff through the Submit Ticket link at the top of the screen so that our professional support technicians can assist you ASAP.

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