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The player loads and the gateway plays, then nothing. What is the issue?
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00210 Views: 4217 Created: 2010-11-18 16:56 0 Rating/ Voters

First of all, this is a very, very rare scenario.  99.9% of the time, a station stream will load automatically once any scheduled prerolls have played.  However, if this rare scenario is happening there are a few reasons this could happen.  Here are the easiest to check:

1. The radio station stream is down due to streaming computer being down or turned off.
   -To check this, log into your Client Console account and scroll below the three graphs on the Home Page.  If you see a Red Alert light for your market, click it to expand the market and view the full station list.  Find the station in question and note if it has a Red Alert light.  If so, click on the red light for that station and check to see if all three alert lights in the pop-up window are Red.  If so, then the streaming PC is most likely offline and a reboot is in order.  Simply reach out to your local engineer or IT staff and have them restart the streaming computer.

2.  There could be a source audio issue: Reach out to your local engineering staff and have them check the steaming PC to see if there are audio levels on the streaming encoder.  If not, expand the FIFO program and see if there are both input and output audio.  If there is only Input Audio and the Injector IS NOT injecting, then the sound card is most likely locked up and a reboot of the PC is in order.

3. The "Stream URL" is incorrectly set. Please verify the link to URL for your stream to ensure that it is in fact the correct link.

4. There could be an internet connection issue between the station and our distribution servers.  To check this run a trace route from the streaming PC and see if there are any timeouts.  If so, note them and check the other stations in the market.  If all the stations are experiencing the same issue, then you should contact your ISP to have them run a diagnostic ASAP.  If this is only impacting one specific station, contact support at to have the issue investigated further.


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