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How do I "bulk upload" a bunch of files at once? Do you have an FTP transfer site?
Author: Jeremy Argue Reference Number: AA-00201 Views: 3184 Created: 2010-11-18 16:00 0 Rating/ Voters

There isn't a FTP site per se.  But the Bulk Uploader can be used in much the same way.  The Bulk Download Tool can be downloaded by logging into your Client Console account and clicking the Advanced link at the top of the screen.  Then choose Downloads and click the Bulk Upload Tool link.

The browser will prompt you to download the file.  Please note that it is an .exe file, so your system and network will need to allow exe downloads.

Once installed, simply configure it using your account credentials.  The Bulk Uploader tool can be used to multiple Fill items to your station's inventory.  Please note that this tool is designed to ONLY allow uploading of content for Fill - this will not allow mass uploading of Paid spots.

To use the Bulk Uploader just follow these steps:
1. Double-Click the Desktop icon to open the Uploader
2. Choose the station or stations where you want the files to be playable
3. Select the proper Ad Family or Ad Families - if you want these to run as fill material when no local spots are available, make sure to select the ENABLE family
4. Set the Priority of all the items to be uploaded
5. Choose a Play Schedule - normally 12a-12PM Sun for regular fill items
6. Check the Normalize Volume and Trim Silence options on the left side of the Uploader
7. Then use the ellipses to open you local PC and Browse for the files you want to upload.  Select them in the left side box and click the right-pointing arrow button to move them into the upload queue
8. Once all files have been selected, and all options set, click the UPLOAD button

That will open a transfer route to your account and in 15-20 minutes the items will be fully uploaded to your station inventory and they can be managed through the Injector Manager like any other items you've already added.

We hope that helps.  Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

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